Life Is Not A Race But a Marathon

I recently ran my fifth marathon in the stunning city of Quebec. Every experience offers us wisdom to glean. This particular journey offered two new observations:

1) We were driving down I 96 in Michigan and hit a wall of cars. A parking lot. In front of us was a small left turn where police would typically hide and cars were taking the risk to avoid the traffic jam and timing their entry into the oncoming passing lane. We had seconds to make a similar choice, make the illegal left, turn around, or wait. We made the turn, soon found a two lane parallel road and found ourselves driving past the 15 mile back up saving at least 3hrs. Sometimes, we were reminded, you do have to risk turning around to find a new way forward.

2) While running past quaint Quebec homes with old ladies on front porches clapping and shouting “Bon marathon!” this thought came to me – life is not a race it’s a marathon. Many of my friends approach a marathon seeking to achieve a certain time. As slow as I am, my goal is simply to keep my feet moving and enjoy the experience. I wonder, could life be like that? The point isn’t to be first, fast, or faster, but to notice the old ladies, to smile often, and say “merci” along the marathon of life.

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