In May of 2020, my wife and I accepted a call to serve a new congregation. At that time the pandemic had led to lock-downs, virtual work and learning, and a profound disruption of how we live our lives: from shopping for groceries to walking on a sidewalk, retaining clients while reaching out to new, conducting board meetings to engaging in strategic planning. We realized this call would be like no other.

Our upcoming book – Fundamentals : 21 Post Pandemic Essentials For Life and Work – reflects on what we learned in 2020 and how to navigate a post pandemic world. On this page we will preview a few of these 21 fundamentals including: 

1) EDM Cricket 2) Sequence and Speed 3) No Mas or Muhammad? 4) Kayfabe or Satygrapha? 5) 3 Votes a Precinct 6) Visually Speaking 7) Lay Ceramic Eggs 8)  Find Your Expansion Joint 9) Paint Over the Cracks 10) Babylonian or Greek? 11) Fermion or Boson? 12) Soul to the Recipe 13) Kaleidoscopic Leaders 14) The Adjacent Possible 14) Klee Your Gifts 15) Towels or Not? 16) The 64% Advantage 17) Offer Black Licorice 18) 75 Days 19) Bend the Arc 20) Your Palimpsest 21) The Next Right Thing