“Most of the fundamental ideas of science are essentially simple,” observed Albert Einstein, “and may as a rule, be expressed in a language comprehensive to everyone.”

This small book (to be published in summer 2022) is our attempt to discern the fundamentals of life and work as they relate to three categories – power, people and purpose and explore how to develop what we call spiritual intelligence, emotional architecture and a life lexicon.

From where did we come to discern these fundamentals? These are lessons we learned working as pastors, teaching in a maximum security prison, traveling to South Sudan to make a documentary film, running 7 marathons, coaching an undefeated middle school lacrosse team, and almost being eaten by a lion as a child.

Some of the fundamentals in the book include:

1) EDM Cricket 2) When Opportunity Comes It’s Too Late to Prepare 3) Fix What You Can 4) Kayfabe or Satygrapha? 5) DeKooning It 6) Lay Ceramic Eggs 8) Find Your Expansion Joint 9) 2 Inches not 4 10) Privilege Your Mind 11) Rule of Thirds 12) Bring Soul to the Recipe 13) Find the Adjacent Possible 14) Klee Your Gifts 15) Blue Lobsters 16) Donie It 17) Offer Black Licorice 18) Bend the Arc 19) Palimpsest Yourself  20) Rituals of Resilience 21) Anchor it