http:// In a world with so many stories of pain and hardship it was a privilege to create a video about the inspiring story of Palestinian, Israeli, and US students (some from South Sudan) who gathered in Massachusetts to write a song of peace. So pleased it has received over 3K “likes” on Facebook and reached over 100,000 people. May we all come to that place where we can write a harmony out of the tragedies of our lives.

Pleased to announce a documentary I produced and directed, Lost Boy Home, had its World Premiere at the Palm Beach International Film Festival. The director of the festival singled it out as one of three films “not to miss” and a journalist gave it “four stars.” Lost Boy Home also received a Best Shorts award, was selected by the Africa World Documentary Film Festival, and is narrated by actor Sam Waterston. Involved in the project was Academy-award winning cinematographer Tom Hurwitz and Grammy-award winner composer Marcus Hummon. The website is


I’m excited to announce the publication of my new book Middle of the Maze: Five Secrets to Finding Your Way. My co-author is Bryn Reese – a non-profit leader and speaker based in Chicago – who I met while taking a summer course at the Harvard Business School. Drawing from what we learned at Harvard, research into mazes and labyrinths, as well as personal and professional experience, we are pleased to offer five secrets that can help everyone navigate the maze of life. The book is available through Amazon and is $4.99 for both the paperback and e-book edition.